Leader of the Kellvil Dogs


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18 cha


Kell’s first recorded appearance in the annals of history occurred on the 31st of January 1155 RC. It was on this date that he foiled an assassination attempt on Lord Hanse Naviod at a dinner party. Lord Naviod, impressed with his gallantry, martial ability, and charisma, granted Kell patronage During the next four years, Kell supposedly stepped foot on every city in Faridar. Although that claim seems rather far fetched it doesn’t stop the bards from spinning such tales.

During his travels Faridar came to know Kell as a protector of the poor. Many perpetrators of injustice and exploitation fell to his sword. He showed a general respect and admiration for all the people of Faridar, regardless of class, thus making him widely popular among the lower classes. That popularity sometimes caused nobles to resent him, but his charming nature would always secure enough support in the upper echelons to prevent anyone from acting against him. For some reason, no matter who is present, when Kell speaks, people listen. His voice is somehow comforting….perhaps enchanting.

Kell formally established the “Kellvil Dogs” in the year 1160 RC. Since that time his mercenary organization has participated in the Kadarian Revolution, the Rofgal Revolt, and currently the 6th War of Liberation. Everyone he recruited came from the dredges of society; orphans, indentured servants, refugees, etc. His behavior and tone of voice seem to suggest he was raised in a noble family, but Kell has never confirmed or denied rumors about his nobility. Despite his noble attitude, he treats his mercenaries like a family and, on occasion, has declined lucrative contracts when he felt the risk was too great for his band.

Kell’s origins prior 1155 RC are shrouded in mystery. Some bards sing that he is the great descendant of King Prepolus II, the last king of Faridar. Others spin a tale that he is a common street rat, who got a lucky break. Anyone of any meaningful education certainly believes both of these stories to be false, as a street rat would unlikely have access to noble etiquette or military training and that the Gospel records clearly state that King Prepolus II had no heirs to assume the throne upon his demise.


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