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This campaign uses world/continent maps shamelessly ripped from The maps used are so good there is no way I could make better ones.

About the Kellvil Dogs:

The campaign is set to start on Sept 16, 1162 RC (Recorded Civilization). The player characters will all be a part of the mercenary group known as the Kellvil Dogs. These swords for hire have been active for the past two years, so that is how long the players have known each other. This will ensure the players do not start off fighting each other. All the players are effectively “followers” of a high level warrior named Kell Grieven. It is important to weave his influence into your background, so everyone knows why you are loyal to him.


I can provide any D&D rulebooks needed, as I have electronic copies of everything.

About the Campaign

This is a No-Magic campaign. That’s right, no spells. Its not just for players, its world wide. There is no magic anywhere. This goes for priests too, no priest magic. The gods exist (at least everyone in the world thinks they exist). People think priests can cast spells and perform miracles, but in reality they can’t. Think of Faridar (the starting continent) as you would of Medieval Europe. There is no magic, EVERYONE is religious, people persecute atheists, witchcraft is illegal (witchcraft = being more intelligent than those people in power) and punishable by death, and there are no monsters. Yup, there’s no Dragons in this D&D game. Hopefully there will be an emphasis on character development as you explore the continent, meet the important people, and unravel the history and politics.

Faridar is the continent the players will be starting on, and probably be spending most of their young lives on. I expect most players will originate from Faridar. It is the most technologically advanced culture in the planet. Faridar just recently discovered gunpowder based weapons (10 years ago) and are both rare and expensive. About 300 years ago the king of Faridar died without leaving an heir. The noble Lords of his court immediately fought for his throne, but no one came out on top. The kingdoms continue to fight each other for supremency. Today Faridar is split into 19 kingdoms, each one ruled by a Lord.

Three continents border Faridar.
Gantau to the northeast(imagine ancient Chineese culture ala Romance of the Three Kingdoms)
Zarakhan to the east(mostly an arid nomadic culture without much written history)
Azhnar to the south(imagine ancient Persian or Turkish empires)

tools you will need to play:

Maptools 1.3.b81 (will be the primary program used to implement battle scenarios, make sure you get the right version. There is a Mac and PC version.)
Maptools Link

Hamachi (virtual LAN over the internet, required to connect to maptools. you dont need to sign up, just download the “Unmanaged” version. I don’t know if this can be used on the Mac.)
Hamachi Link

Skype (used for voice chat, would consider Teamspeak if we could get a server. There is a Mac and PC version. My username is turkstseng, so you can friend me. We will not be using the video option, to conserve bandwidth)
Skype Link

An account for Obsidian Portal
I would eventually like to make this a private web page, but I cant do that if my players cant see it.

An account for Myth-Weavers
This is a website that hosts character sheets for all sorts of games, 2nd Edition D&D is included. It will give you a link which will allow others to view your character sheet online.

Mechanic Discussions:
Crafting NWPs – email discussing why building war wagons isn’t going to fly.

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Campaign Notes

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