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This page lists modifications/homebrew for creating characters according to 2e.


STATS: are set at 18 16 15 13 12 10, with a 2:1 point swap option. These are rather high, the stats of heroes. You will need them. The maximum ability score you can have is 18. The lowest any ability score can go is 3. And if you drop your intelligence to 5 or less, I will ensure that Darwin’s survival of the fittest principle ends you. At 5 or less you are functionally retarded.

INT and WIS: the additional languages column under intelligence is use for non-weapon proficiencies instead of languages (which of course can be used for languages with the Languages, Modern non-weapon proficiency). Additionally, with the non-magic focus, both INT and WIS use this column. That’s right INT and WIS add to your non-weapon proficiency pool equally.

LANGUAGES: There are four Imperial languages, one for each of the empires that will grace the game. Faradarian, Gantanese, Azhnaric, and Jalaunese. Although there are plenty of other languages (especially in the culturally diverse Jalaun Empire), pre-cultural evolution on Sorol included a strong emphasis on linguistic unity so everyone in the empires knows one of these languages. While these four languages are available in Faridarian higher education, the lower-class background of the characters requires a convincing reason to know any of the other tounges.

Training: Proficiencies require training. , while guilds demand 1d3+1 Sous to enroll, and another 6d6 Sous to be finish and be “promoted” to Journeyman. Institutions that teach upper crust skills

Weapon Proficiencies are used to how to fight with various weapons and armor. Although any class can use any armor, they will suffer their standard attack penalties for doing so without proficiency with it. Note: since this is 2nd ed, there are no inherent dex/move penalties for wearing any armor. Training time for Weapon Proficiencies is 8 months (not necessarily all at once) per point required. This is usually done during the fall/winter months when mercenary services are not in demand. War Academies charge 8 Sous per month.

Non Weapon Proficiencies: use the non-weapon proficiency descriptors from the Player’s Options: Skills and Powers supplement wherever possible, as they are more detailed. Training time is 12 months/proficiency point. Guilds for middle/lower class skills charge 2-4 Sous for entry, and another 7-40 Sous to graduate to Journeyman (a legal requirement to practice commercially) You can get sued in the Late Middle Ages, don’t test the court system, seriously. The common penalty is “forfeiture of all property claims.” Church trains related skills at 3 Livre/year. Higher learning costs 4 Livre/year, but if you are of good birth then you can pay up to 3 times that to get the professors to tell everyone you are a prodigy. Note: the Sous price variance above is not to be random, but to be higher based on the value of the skill set. Gem cutters/Goldsmiths charge far more than weavers .

READING/WRITING: Gentle reminder, you do not start with these. It separates the wheat from the chaff. Nobles and upper class citizens will look down on anyone who cant read/write. Not having it could exclude you from certain social situations. It may be a cross class skill for rouges and fighters, but hey, that’s why you get 2 extra NWPs for having a 10 wisdom. In the likely event that your background sensibly precludes this non-weapon proficiency, your time with Kell Grevian has him encourage it’s development. You are officers in his troop after all.

HIT POINTS: Are max at 1st level.

MAGIC: as mentioned in Campaign Notes this is a no-magic game.

ENCUMBRANCE: is strictly enforced, this is where AC DEX penalties really come from, low strength characters will not be able to wear heavier armor and expect to keep their full movement rate.

CHARACTER WEIGHT: form follows function, strength follows mass. A character’s weight, for both genders, is 60 + 5xSTR + 2.5xCON. Effeminate lithe models are not Olympic weightlifters for a reason.

FUNCTIONAL US OF WIS: In order to prevent players from doing something stupid I will use a wisdom ability check to give the player some helpful advice from time to time.
Dwayne: “I smack the general in the face with my dick while his army of 5000 soldiers stand behind him.”[Rolls WIS check: if it succeeds and I will give you advice that will help you live to see another day.]
Derek “For some reason you get the sudden urge that dick slapping the general is not in your best interest”
Now as a player you are free to do whatever you want regardless, don’t say I didn’t warn you though.

Charisma Since this is human exclusive, encounters are going to be with… humans. Wilderness life generally won’t go out of their way to fuck with armies. The encounter table (Table 59 DMG) will be used. Oh, and Charisma gives leadership perks.

The ultimate in face to face fighting. The only class that can specialize, which is an insane advantage. Btw, unless you choose the Myrmidon kit, then you need to spend 12 months training (for 1 Livre/month) at the Fechtschule War Academy in Harasam in order to specialize. They are also the only ones allowed to use their starting bonus proficiencies from Int/Wis on Weapon Proficiencies.

Paladins lose all magic related abilities, including Detect Evil. However, this class is the only one which can have an upper-class background.

Rangers lose all magic related abilities.

Wizards lose all magic related abilities.
They may however take any expanded non-weapon proficiencies from the sages and specialists supplement, albeit sans any of the magical effects.

Clerics lose all magic related abilities.
This makes the healing skill all the more critical.
The roleplaying implications of clerics cannot be overestimated. They add legitimacy to anywhere they go. Imprisonment, excommunication, and execution were commonplace for those in an arbitrary conflict, whose opponent had more ties to the Holy Roman Empire. Everyone respects clerics. It will be like a trump card in social situations, no one fucks with priests, its blasphemy.

Uh, lose all magical related abilities.
They are also persecuted as witches by the papacy.
Good luck!

In a world with no magic, no infravision, the rouge’s skill set becomes even more effect. As there are no magical means to counter their abilities.

Bards lose all magical related abilities.
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Campaign Notes - Character Creation

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