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Available equipment is somewhat different than a standard game. As the four different empires
come from such a wide array of both cultures and historical time. While it is easy to say that Faridar uses the Renaissance equipment availability, it is rather harder for the others. How would a Warring States period China (2nd-3rd century culture) be different with a 15th century Renaissance empire right next to it, supposedly at military parity.

Every country in Faridar has their own mint, putting region specific bling on money, but all nations follow the coinage system of set down during the glorious Age of Kings.

Deniers – Copper coins weighing 1/12 lb. Twelve such coins equals one:

Sous – Silver coins weighing 1/20 lb. Twenty of these are equal to one:

Livre – Huge Silver coins weighing 1 lb. It is equal in value to:

Aurum – Gold coins weighing 1/20 lb. Do not count on ever seeing these: they are for the rich.

Script – This the the age of banking in its infancy. Large transactions involve Script, which is turned over to Banks who debit/credit accounts accordingly.

Faridar uses the silver standard. This requires a modification when reading PHB equipment prices. Anything listed in gold pieces (gp) translates to Sous, while those listed in silver pieces are translated to Deniers. Items with a copper piece value also use Deniers, but the quantity for the cost is doubled. There are exceptions to this rule for Trade Goods, Horses, and especially Clothing. These links supersede the values found in the PHB.




Campaign Notes - Equipment

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