Mercenary Units

While the condotteri may be responsible for the widespread commercial appeal of mercenaries, no one has done it better than the Landsknecht.

They are not some small outfit, flitting from place to place hawking second rate services. Thier organization copied and (allegedly) outperformed their inspiration, the Harams. Such is thier manpower, when you buy Landsknecht, they assemble an army with all degrees of leadership and equipment neccesary with as many soldiers as you could ask for. You simply have to contact the current Fuhrer, Count Peter von Freundsburg at thier headquarters in Limova. The largest purchase to date (by the Hanseatic League) was 12,000 brigands strong.. No other organization has had its hand in as many conflicts across Faridar than the Landsknecht.

They are no means undefeatable of course, and will snesibly abandon the field if put in a hopeless situation; but it’s your fault if you don’t pony up enough coin to get the job done. You get what you pay for. This has actually been a point of critisism of late. Early in its history, the Landsknecht were known to fight to the death. That abnormal reputation for mercenaries, and open membership for any able hand, has allowed them to grow to what they have become today.

They typically field block formations composed of 10% Zweihanders in heavy rivet(they get paid double), with another 15% Armbrusters and 75% Ahl Spiessers in Padded Jacks or Brigandine. Everyone Landsknecht also carries a Katzbalger for backup, and wears thier signature ostentatiously decorated doublets.


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