The Gospel


The twelve gods working together created the planet Sorol over 100,000 years ago. Since then, they have watched over it an all of it’s inhabitants. They control every event that transpires in the world. When the sun rises, when the snow falls, when the crops grow, then you know that they are with us and love us.

The Gospel, Manuscripts Chapter I Verse XII

When babies are born and you look into their eyes for the first time and you are overcome with joy. That is Virgo attaching your babies soul it’s body with her love.

The Gospel, Manuscripts Chapter IV Verse XXVI

Grand High Priest – Perhaps the most influential person in Faridar. He oversees all aspects of the The Gospel. This is a life long position, so the previous Grand High Priest must die before the Arch Bishops vote in a new one. The Grand High Priest is effectively the ruler of Averlea and as such is forced to manage the political and economic affairs of the country. The Grand High Priest is rarely ever seen outside the capitol of Ballipol. The Grand High Priest delegates the management of The Gospel to the Arch Bishops due to his focused responsibilities in Averlea.

Arch Bishops – In total there are twelve Arch Bishops. Each Arch Bishop specializes in the mythology of one god. During the spring and summer seasons the Arch Bishops go on their yearly “pilgrimage”. That is when they travel all throughout Faridar spreading the words of the Gods and interacting with the nobility on behalf of the Grand High Priest. In essence they speak with the authority of the Grand High Priest. In the fall and winter they all return to Ballipol to brief the Grand High Priest on the inner workings of Faridar.

Bishops – Manages the aspects of The Gospel at the regional level. Each large city is permanently assigned a Bishop to oversee the Priests in a given area. Otherwise they act in a similar manner as the Arch Bishops, thus they will generally be the main point of contact between nobility and the Arch Bishops.

Priests – Every city contains one Priest. They are responsible for holding the weekly mass ceremonies in Faridar. Each Priest has at least one scribe and one healer assigned to them. The day to day activities of priests include telling the stories of the gods, explain the role of the gods in everyones’ lives, interpreting daily signs/celestial events, establish the morality of the local population, perform miracles, perform marriages, and giving blessings to the people.

Templar – Templar are the military branch of The Gospel. They are the closest anyone will get to being a paladin in Sorol. They were established in 0240 RC by The Gospel on the orders of King Medrea IV after a fire burnt down the Great Library with the specific intention of protecting historical records. In 0324 the Templar successful performed a coup on King Eli after he tortured the people of Faridar and arrested the twelve Arch Bishops. Since then they have served the role of protecting the The Gospel from power hungry nobility.

Historians – This branch of the Gospel deals with maintaining the historical record. After the Great Library of Selessea burned down The Gospel built four different Libraries to house written history, so that a loss of one would not result in the loss of all historical documents.

Clerics – This is the medical branch of the Gospel. Although the Gospel doesn’t have a monopoly on doctors, it is well known that they have THE best medical personnel in all of Faridar. The Gospel is also the only organization that has the resources and the desire to support the medical needs of all the people in Faridar. Anytime someone gets sick or injured they can come to the local temple to be treated by the local healer. [Mechanically, this means that anyone can take the “Healing” non-weapon proficiency. But, only a cleric of The Gospel may take both the “Healing” and “Herbalisim” non-weapon proficiencies.]


The Gospel

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